Be energized by the experience of deeper layers
of consciousness and create unique art!

Sunday, 4th – Thursday, 15th August 2019

All Lady Meditators, Sidhas, and Governors are warmly invited to enjoy this beautiful course in the soft atmosphere of Mother Divine’s abode.

Our Natural Law-Based Art Retreat is a unique workshop, where you are invited to explore more deeply the principles of art based on Natural Law and its eternal creativity. We will see beautiful video lectures by Maharishi and discover passages in the ancient Vedic literature about these basic principles that are universal, precise, and comprehensive and can be applied to abstract, figurative, and landscape painting.

The goal is to expand your vision of possibilities in art, increase confidence and trust in the power of your innate creativity, provide access to new ideas and techniques so you can practise and grow your skill in art. You will enjoy playing with your imagination and inner experiences of consciousness and perception using color, light, shapes, and space.

It is an ideal creative holiday and will provide inspiration for an art lover in an exceptionally beautiful location. No previous art training is necessary.

Full Price: CHF 400
Reduced Price for students: CHF 300


Enjoy delicious vegetarian meals with fresh organic milk, fruit, and vegetables. Room and board to be paid on arrival at reception (cash or credit card).


Single room with shared bathroom
Single room with bathroom—holiday home
Single room with bathroom
Single room with bathroom in Vāstu

CHF   65 per person per night
CHF   85 per person per night
CHF 105 per person per night
CHF 125 per person per night

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our courses in Seelisberg.

To apply and for further information, please email us at

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