If you are interested in any of the courses for ladies in Seelisberg, please view the  web page

An invitation to all ladies around the world to enjoy waves of Maharishi’s Supreme Knowledge in the beautiful soft atmosphere of Mother Divine.

Take time for yourself and stir the silent ocean of your inner bliss.

Natural Law Based Art

Course dates 19-30 May 2018

Ramayan in the Human Physiology a 16 lesson course

Course dates 15-22 June 2018

Bhagavad Gita Course Chapter 7

Course dates 13–20 July 2018

World Peace Assembly on Maharishi Vedic Science and Technology covering the historic lectures from the Maastricht conference

in Holland 1991

Course dates 17-21 August 2018

Vedaroma Course

Course dates: 24-27 August 2018

Maharishi AyurVeda for Ladies with Dr Charlotte Bech

Course dates 6-9 September 2018 with option of a two- or four-day course.

Heaven on Earth Assembly

Course dates 28 September-26 October 2018

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or email:  md-courses@maharishi.net

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