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Natural Law Based Art


Creative Expression and Techniques of Composition—Painting in Light of Maharishi Science of Consciousness: Fulfilling the purpose of art through expressions that inspire evolution, refine perception, and enrich the environment.

Course Dates: 13 – 21 May 2017
(Arrive 12th May - first meeting in the evening. Depart 22nd May)

Course Location: MERU, Seelisberg, Switzerland

(Course for lady Meditators, Sidhas, and Governors)

‘The artist, while creating, stands as a creator and that status of the creator, howsoever small, takes the vision to a very big Creator of the entire cosmic life. So an artist as a creator, one who expresses himself, tells the whole story of creation. Just as an artist expresses himself in the piece of art, the Creator has expressed himself in every aspect of his creation.’ —Maharishi—

This course offers an introduction to the principles of art based on Natural Law as brought out by Maharishi and described in the ancient Vedic Literature. These deepest principles of art are universal, precise, and comprehensive and can be applied to abstract, figurative, and landscape painting.

You will enjoy an overview of Indian art and aesthetics, studying not only the principles but also how these art forms enliven consciousness. Specifically, you will gain practical knowledge and experience for developing your own creativity as well as the skill in applying

*        Design and composition principles

*        Painting techniques

*   Procedures for successful landscape painting, including painting techniques to create compelling compositions of natural scenery

Everyone is warmly invited to join; no previous art training is necessary.

If you have already studied art and would like to deepen your knowledge and skills, you are also warmly invited to join this course; you will receive artwork assignments according your skills as well as individual coaching.

The Course Leader is a member of the Mother Divine Programme who is one of the principal developers of this course. She studied art, studio and graphic art, painting and photography at Tartu University and Tallinn Technical College in Estonia. She also has an extensive background in Maharishi Vedic Science, with an emphasis on Consciousness Based Education and Vedic Art. She has a Master's degree in the Science of Creative intelligence from MERU, Switzerland

In addition to gaining theoretical knowledge of art and practical artwork, participants will enjoy group practice of the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Programme. This course is taught in the light of Maharishi’s Science of Consciousness and includes beautiful video-recorded lectures of Maharishi speaking on art. At each step of learning, the key principles of art are connected to the development of higher states of consciousness.

To apply for the Course email: md-courses@Maharishi.net

Course Fee: CHF 400


Enjoy delicious vegetarian meals with fresh, organic milk, fruit, and vegetables. Some rooms have beautiful views of the lake and mountains. Room and board to be paid on arrival at reception (cash or credit card)

Room prices:

Single room with shared bathroom                            CHF   65 per person per night

Single room with bathroom—holiday home             CHF   85 per person per night

Single room with bathroom                                        CHF 105 per person per night

Single room with bathroom in Vāstu                         CHF 125 per person per night

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our courses in Seelisberg.

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