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Living Higher States Of Consciousness
(a new course)


This is a new course with very interesting and inspiring advanced lectures by Maharishi on higher states of consciousness. It is different from the 16 lesson course entitled Higher States of Consciousness that you may have already attended.

Course Dates:
3 – 10 June 2017
(Arrive 2nd June. Depart 11th June)


Course Location: MERU, Seelisberg, Switzerland

(Course for lady Meditators, Sidhas, and Governors)


This is a new course with advanced lectures by Maharishi on higher states of consciousness. Maharishi explains the process of the refinement of perception from Transcendental Consciousness to Unity Con­scious­ness; the reality of Brahman Consciousness; and the relationship between higher states of consciousness and God. This profound and heart-expanding knowledge is of special relevance for ladies—mothers of the world.

There will be extended time for Transcendental Meditation and the TM-Sidhi Programme, opening our awareness to the pure field of Creative Intelligence—rest and activity to structure the steps of evolution to Unity Consciousness.


A Course Participant wrote: ‘This course in Seelisberg was for me a great enrichment in many ways. Maharishi’s unique knowledge, combined with deep meditation programme, and the lovely atmosphere at this wonderful place together with the Mother Divine group was for me a true pleasure. The course enlivened, renewed, richly blessed, and uplifted me. This course is very recommendable.

To apply for the Course email:


Course Fee: CHF 600




Enjoy delicious vegetarian meals with fresh, organic milk, fruit, and vegetables. Some rooms have beautiful views of the lake and mountains. Room and board to be paid on arrival at reception (cash or credit card)


Room prices:


Single room with shared bathroom                            CHF   65 per person per night
Single room with bathroom—holiday home             CHF   85 per person per night
Single room with bathroom                                        CHF 105 per person per night
Single room with bathroom in Vāstu                         CHF 125 per person per night



We are looking forward to welcoming you to our courses in Seelisberg.
To apply and for further information, please email us at md-courses@Maharishi.net






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